Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Few things which we look as difficult is actually very easy when compared to real thing... Have a look..

Easy is to sit at a place speak rash about others.. Difficult is to stand at the same place and speak about yourself.

Easy is to express thoughts and difficult is to understand the expression of own thoughts.
Easy is to say i will control my anger difficult is to do so effortlessly .

Easy is to follow someone work or written handouts, difficult is write these handouts and make others believe on it.

Easy is to die, difficult is to live even when life gives you hundreds of reason no to do so.

Easy is to be successful, difficult is to make every success after being successful appear smaller then previous one.

Easy is leave  , difficult is accept when you clearly know it will leave you..

Easy is to leave idea of revenge, difficult is to be Revengeful yet wait for moment..

Easy is to cry in front of someone , difficult is to hold on tears when your eyes are ready to shed water.

Easy is to hide your pain, difficult be public about the hidden pain to save someone from pain..

Easier is get sad thinking about our own self, difficult is to listen sad story of people with empathy and making them realise a way ahead..

Easy is to say pain i went through was huge difficult is to believe pain which i went through was smaller as compared to person who died as m alive..

Easier is to be sad from inside and still smile.. Difficult is to be extremely happy from inside and still cry in Someone's pain..

Easy is see a someone die, difficult is to swallow the death of our soul.

Easy is to love difficult is to still love after having hundreds of reasons to hate..

Easier is to say life is difficult, difficult is to believe that it can be made easy..

Written by:- KETAN BHARUKA

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