Saturday, 31 December 2016

Inspirational story 2 - BRUCE LEE'S STORY

BRUCE LEE'S STORY :- Practice Makes you Perfect 

A young Chinese boy from a tiny hamlet dreamt of becoming a Kung Fu expert like Bruce Lee and pestered his parents to admit him to a monastery where he could train to realize his dream. Reluctantly his parents agreed to send him, warning him that he would be able to return home only at the end of the term. The boy assured his parents that he would not feel homesick and would give it his best shot. He was given a grand send off by his friends who looked upon him already like a super hero.

Once at the monastery the little boy was eager to learn the kicks and moves and wow his master with his eagerness and enthusiasm. On the first day of training, his instructor - a Monk - asked him to fetch a pot of water from a nearby well and fill a huge cask that was kept in the courtyard. After several trips the cask got filled with water to the brim. The monk now asked the little boy to splash his hands in the water really hard as if he was hitting someone. As he splashed, the water overflowed on all sides of the cask and fell to the ground. The boy was asked to continue this exercise till the water level in the cask came down.

The boy was then commanded to fetch water and refill the cask again. This process went on for the entire day, at the end of which the boy was dead tired. He however hoped that the Master would teach him the moves the following day.

To his horror the same routine continued the next day and the days that followed. It went on for the next few months. A stage came when the boy was totally frustrated and just wanted to get back home. He was very angry but could not speak up against the Master due to respect and fear. Finally at the end of the year he was allowed to go home on a short break and the boy wowed that he would never return to the Monastery.

The boy was given a rousing welcome back home and he was admired as a hero who had dared to be away from home to pursue his dream. Soon after his arrival all the villagers and family were eager to see him display the nuances of the martial art he had learnt. They started pestering him to display a few moves.

He told them that he preferred not to but they insisted and wouldn’t take no for an answer. The humiliation grew in the young boy. Indeed he had been made a fool of by the head instructor. In a whole year he hadn’t learned any martial arts at all. Now he was about to lose face in front of his entire village.

The villagers and family members dragged him to the head table and yelled and shouted and urged him to show them some real Shaolin kungfu. He stood motionless with tears welling in his eyes and his face reddening, ashamed to tell them that he had learned nothing. Finally the frustration grew to be too much.

“Leave me alone, I learned nothing!” screamed the boy as he slammed his hand down on the table. Everyone stood silent and wide-eyed for several moments.

When he slammed his hand down, he had broken the thick stone table right in half.
The little boy was too shocked for words. He never dreamt that he would be capable of such an act. It then dawned on him that all the exercise that his master had given his hands over the past year had strengthened it so much that he could do the impossible for someone his age.

He became an overnight sensation in the village and his parents were extremely proud of him. The little boy was looking forward to getting back to the monastery than ever before.

Lesson Learnt : Most of us dream of making it big overnight. Instant success is what everyone is looking for. What one fails to realize is - a strong foundation in the basic principle of any discipline along with focused determination is a deadly combination that can take you places.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Inspirational story 1- DROP YOUR PROBLEMS

I am going to share some motivational / inspiring stories from big collection. This was shared by one of my friends. If any you also want to share some stories of motivation from ur life or something what brought changes in your life. Share it with me if i like them i will post them with you identity. Will try to share as many as possible may be 2-3 a week so start sharing.. Email id-

Now spending 4-5 minutes of your valuable time to get motivated..
I feel, Every one of us needs encouragement. Just like we need food for our body, we also need to feed our spirit. This feeding work is done by motivational stories, these stories gives us power to move ahead and make us feel better then what we thought we where. Hope that these stories will help you to get inspired!

Today's Story : Drop your Problems

It was exam time and the Professor knew that his students were stressed out. He decided to give them a motivational talk. He took a glass full of water and held it up.
"What will happen if I hold this glass for a few minutes ?", He asked the students.
"Nothing" they replied.

"Ok. How much do you think this glass of water weights ?", he asked.

There were several answers varying from 150 gm to 300 gm.

"Ok. So we are not sure about it, right ? Now what will happen if I hold it for a few hours at a stretch ?", he asked.

"Your hand will begin to ache", replied the students.

"Suppose I held it for a day ?"

"That would be impossible since your hand will turn numb with pain and cramps. You will need medication", said the students.

"But did the weight of the glass change in all this while ?", the Professor asked.
"No", said the students.

"So what should I do to ease the pain or prevent it. If the weight did not increase then why do I get the pain ?" he asked.

The students were thoughtful for a while and then said, "You should put the glass down to get rid of the pain"

"Excellent. We need to look at the problems we face in actual life too just like this. The moment we hold on to our problems it starts giving us pain and until we decide to put it down by finding a solution for it, it will continue to be a burden on us. If you keep thinking of your problems for a while they seem ok. But if you were to ponder over them the whole day then they are bound to stress you out. Remember to drop away all your problems at the end of the day. Only then can you sleep well and wake up fresh to face the next day with new energy and vigour. Same with your studies. Handle them everyday in an organized way and exams won't ever seem to be such a huge headache. But if you accumulate your work then it is bound to loom large on your face, making you panic, resulting in bad performance".

Moral : Never postpone finding a solution to your problems. It is always better to face them than dodge them. Because by dodging them, problems don't disappear. They would still be there.
Ajit kumar lenka..

Saturday, 24 December 2016

LOVE vs ATTRACTION : How to differentiate

Love gives us the power of detachments and attractions give us  only  attachments..

Love gives the power to say let my love get  all the possible happiness is life and  let God give me every  pain of her life. In attraction we will run for pleasure not for pain. The moment when you realize the pain is give you pleasure at that moment u got to realize its true love.
Love will make a person stronger from inside and attractions will make him weaker. So weak that he won't be able to differentiate between life and death.

Love here which i mentioned here not only means a person but also work. You can love a person or work or a thing which your mad about. Standing beside those, give pleasure which might be a painful sensation for others but you would be enjoying it, u would be enjoying the pain.

Love you work to do miracles. If you don't love work create a illusion in brain that i love it. Eg- a student doesn't loves his book (no one ever loves it) but he can create a illusion that he loves book. It will make him study harder(as u can't leave the stuffs/person you love). So how can he get away from book. He won't which will ultimately lead to his success in terms of results.

When u start loving your work. There would be a stage where you won't be doing your work it would be happening from you. You would be an instrument from where the work/good works will happen. 

Just imagine a situation where a employees loves his company, work for its progress, with all his power and time invested in company. Do you think it would be difficult for him to get promotion in that company?

Again we see another person who is working with same effort but is attracted towards his promotion. He wants promotion to get increments, these increments will let him buy thing . 

Here what we see he need promotion just to full his materialistic needs. This need if not fulfilled by legal/ethical work he will choose unethical /illegal means which will effect his confidence. Once confidence gets effects what would be left inside a person. 

Just think about it, won't there would be a great different between the work of 1st person and 2nd person. One is trying to impress boss other is trying to do good work.

The person trying to impress boss can get disappointed when results doesn't come but what about the person who loves his work, can he get disappointed. He loves his work, if he not doing it perfect he will find his problem in his work and try to make himself better or perfect. Its so simple, there will be no disappointed in you life when you love what you do.

Now imagine this situation, boss whom he was trying to impress leaves gets transferred. What effect this will have on second person, all the efforts put by him to impress boss is wasted he has to start it again.. All over again.. First person he won't be affected by any such situations as he love work and every boss or senior post holder wants person to work effectively and efficiently.

Give a though about, STEVE JOBS how much he loved his work. What effects did he had on world. Exactly that would be effects, a person loving his work can have.

In this article work, person, relationship are all, of some importance.  So where i wrote work  you can change it to relationship and relationship to work, according to your situational demand with would let you to connect and relate with examples given..

To find real love you need to get away from attractions. When these attractions would be going away or leaving us there would pain. But can we have both love and attractions in life. Simply NO.

To get away from attractions you need to bear pain, this pain will ultimately lead you towards your love.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Life is like cricket. We all are crickets. We all are players.. Some are good players. Some are very good players. But all are not good players

Now question come why we are not good players as we all play the game of life every day and with experience our skill of playing should rise but it doesn't happen..

Skill of playing doesn't rise only by playing or doing a thing it rises, if we understand the way of doing the thing. We do mistakes but we don't learn from our mistakes rather we try to forget mistakes..

 For eg, a cricket player only get over pitched balls he hit them for sixers then after few matches he started received yorkers which gets him out now he has two options. First to start saying that it was fault of ball not his as when he receives over pitched ball he hits them for sixers. Second he will go back to dressing room and say to himself now he needs to learn more about playing bouncers, yorkers. So next time when he receives these balls he can play them without getting out or might even hit them for sixers..

Now imagine situation of person who chooses first option he will always prefer over pitched ball, never will realize his fault  that is, he cannot play few balls which are coming in way of him and his dream of becoming a good cricketer. 

Can this player ever become a good player he will always wait for a particular ball and get out on other. Will this player ever be successful. Can he ever create the name for himself..
No, never..

Now imagine second situation, he gets in, practicing ball which has troubled him after a lot of practice he masters it, comes back and plays shots on the ball which got him out last time. He not only play those ball now but will be capable or rather confident enough to hit them out of the ground

What he did in second situation he understood his mistakes , practices , makes himself prefect, goes out there to play again those delivery which were difficult earlier but now he has mastered himself. So now situation is different for him and gets successful in playing those balls. 

Don't you thing this will make him a better player? 

Don't you think this attitude can even make him best player of the world? 
Now he doesn't need to relay on over pitched ball to hit his shots, he has bouncers, yorkers and other difficult balls to score off. There would ultimately a day when he can say BRING ANY BOWLER OF THE WORLD I DON'T FEAR I WILL FACE HIM..

Apply all these in life now, we prefer only a single kind of situations where we can get success from. Life doesn't goes the way we want it situation changes and when this situation changes we blame situations, rather then making ourselves skillful enough, not even realizing our mistakes in those change situations we start blame games.

Can ever we think of being successful in life in this way?

Does life runs the way we want it to run or it will throws balls according to our wish or according to whatever it wishes?

What we should do wait for ball, only those on which we can score of or make ourselves equipped enough to score of any ball life throws?

The thinking which is "making ourselves equipped enough to face any situations" will not only make us better person but also a successful person as we are able to recognize our mistakes and act upon it rather then ignoring it. We ignore our mistakes because we are not able to understand "Doing mistakes is not a crime but not realizing them is a crime and after realizing them not acting upon them is bigger mistakes".

Life is just a game which we got to enjoy it by understanding situation and making ourselves skillful so.. Last few lines.. 







Friday, 16 December 2016


There's nothing called heaven or hell.. Its all wat we do, if we take good decision we do good work which give pleasure to our mind its heaven.. But if we take bad decisions nd do harm to others it shows us hell..

Mind shows us heaven or hell based on our work and whatever mind does is imaginary so both are imaginary.. After every bad things or harmful activities our intelligence becomes weaker nd mind will diverses, this diverse state of mind makes us experience hell..
A stronger intelligence which comes after we do good understanding, which will tell our mind there nothing hell or heaven,ultimately relaxing it..

So wat should be done to get rid of bad feelings.. Start doing something which wl give happiness to ur heart (asa kam kro jisse andar se khushi mile). Dis happiness will help in getting rid of bad feeling, nightmares nd especially ur imaginary hell..

Friday, 2 December 2016


 Positive thinking can change every situation . . 

Everyone says one bad fish has power to pollute whole river bad but have any said one good fish also has same power to clean the polluted river. If . .

There lies different we only want to see negative side of a situation but every situation have a positive side also which we ignore.

Negative attracts us reason been we all r positive from inside and we all know opposite attracts. Postive things repel us (same charges repel na yar, to kha se positive sochenge, negative h attract karega).

We need to curb instinct of ours (attractions towards negative) which will happen when we will start looking at both side of situation not only one.

Actually if u look nothing is postive or negative , everything is only the same as we look at them . If u look them through negative mindset it will look negative and same thing if look through positive mindset would be postive.

Now whats in our control situation happening or our mind set. Its mindset which wont change in a single day but if we try to take positive effect from every situation and move forward things will start to change. .

So to be the change we need to be the change . If we go on thinking negative about a situation negative thoughts will come in mind,  same situation would turn worst from bad. But if a situation is negative still if try to take positive out of it atlest situation wont turn worst. .

I will give a real life eg of myself. Once i was ridding a scooty a car came overtakes me quite closely i was furiously increased the speed of scooty shouted at him during this my scooty hit divider . A accident which could have been avoided easily  happened due to this reaction of mine.

In this situation i had choice to think might be he had to rush to do something very urgent like attend sick mother in hospital. There is 99% possibility of this situation being falls but what effect it wud have on my anger it will relax automatically i wnt increase the speed of scooty a accident which happened would have never taken place. .
This is power of postive things. .

World is the way we look at it , if we have habit of looking  negative side of world will appear negative and if we have attitude to see positive side of the world it would appear postive. .


Monday, 17 October 2016


Change is not what one desires but these are one thing which a individual has to go through to become better version of himself. Change are mostly unavoidable. Its not asked for but it automatically happen without informing you.

You might have heard about 1st law of newtons. a body continues to be in the state of rest or motion until acted upon by some external force. Human tendency is also like that until we get force we don't change. Yeah untill that force acts we continue to be same flow of life continue to destroy our life, ruin it.

Some day or the other this force acts on us forceably and changes us. Some its good other times might be bad but it is inevitable.