Friday, 2 December 2016


 Positive thinking can change every situation . . 

Everyone says one bad fish has power to pollute whole river bad but have any said one good fish also has same power to clean the polluted river. If . .

There lies different we only want to see negative side of a situation but every situation have a positive side also which we ignore.

Negative attracts us reason been we all r positive from inside and we all know opposite attracts. Postive things repel us (same charges repel na yar, to kha se positive sochenge, negative h attract karega).

We need to curb instinct of ours (attractions towards negative) which will happen when we will start looking at both side of situation not only one.

Actually if u look nothing is postive or negative , everything is only the same as we look at them . If u look them through negative mindset it will look negative and same thing if look through positive mindset would be postive.

Now whats in our control situation happening or our mind set. Its mindset which wont change in a single day but if we try to take positive effect from every situation and move forward things will start to change. .

So to be the change we need to be the change . If we go on thinking negative about a situation negative thoughts will come in mind,  same situation would turn worst from bad. But if a situation is negative still if try to take positive out of it atlest situation wont turn worst. .

I will give a real life eg of myself. Once i was ridding a scooty a car came overtakes me quite closely i was furiously increased the speed of scooty shouted at him during this my scooty hit divider . A accident which could have been avoided easily  happened due to this reaction of mine.

In this situation i had choice to think might be he had to rush to do something very urgent like attend sick mother in hospital. There is 99% possibility of this situation being falls but what effect it wud have on my anger it will relax automatically i wnt increase the speed of scooty a accident which happened would have never taken place. .
This is power of postive things. .

World is the way we look at it , if we have habit of looking  negative side of world will appear negative and if we have attitude to see positive side of the world it would appear postive. .


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