Saturday, 24 December 2016

LOVE vs ATTRACTION : How to differentiate

Love gives us the power of detachments and attractions give us  only  attachments..

Love gives the power to say let my love get  all the possible happiness is life and  let God give me every  pain of her life. In attraction we will run for pleasure not for pain. The moment when you realize the pain is give you pleasure at that moment u got to realize its true love.
Love will make a person stronger from inside and attractions will make him weaker. So weak that he won't be able to differentiate between life and death.

Love here which i mentioned here not only means a person but also work. You can love a person or work or a thing which your mad about. Standing beside those, give pleasure which might be a painful sensation for others but you would be enjoying it, u would be enjoying the pain.

Love you work to do miracles. If you don't love work create a illusion in brain that i love it. Eg- a student doesn't loves his book (no one ever loves it) but he can create a illusion that he loves book. It will make him study harder(as u can't leave the stuffs/person you love). So how can he get away from book. He won't which will ultimately lead to his success in terms of results.

When u start loving your work. There would be a stage where you won't be doing your work it would be happening from you. You would be an instrument from where the work/good works will happen. 

Just imagine a situation where a employees loves his company, work for its progress, with all his power and time invested in company. Do you think it would be difficult for him to get promotion in that company?

Again we see another person who is working with same effort but is attracted towards his promotion. He wants promotion to get increments, these increments will let him buy thing . 

Here what we see he need promotion just to full his materialistic needs. This need if not fulfilled by legal/ethical work he will choose unethical /illegal means which will effect his confidence. Once confidence gets effects what would be left inside a person. 

Just think about it, won't there would be a great different between the work of 1st person and 2nd person. One is trying to impress boss other is trying to do good work.

The person trying to impress boss can get disappointed when results doesn't come but what about the person who loves his work, can he get disappointed. He loves his work, if he not doing it perfect he will find his problem in his work and try to make himself better or perfect. Its so simple, there will be no disappointed in you life when you love what you do.

Now imagine this situation, boss whom he was trying to impress leaves gets transferred. What effect this will have on second person, all the efforts put by him to impress boss is wasted he has to start it again.. All over again.. First person he won't be affected by any such situations as he love work and every boss or senior post holder wants person to work effectively and efficiently.

Give a though about, STEVE JOBS how much he loved his work. What effects did he had on world. Exactly that would be effects, a person loving his work can have.

In this article work, person, relationship are all, of some importance.  So where i wrote work  you can change it to relationship and relationship to work, according to your situational demand with would let you to connect and relate with examples given..

To find real love you need to get away from attractions. When these attractions would be going away or leaving us there would pain. But can we have both love and attractions in life. Simply NO.

To get away from attractions you need to bear pain, this pain will ultimately lead you towards your love.

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