Monday, 17 November 2014

Changes in life.. Due to job..

Changes in life.. Due to job/business.. 

Why it happens.. Everyday and every time.. The day you think everything will be correct, you find solution to every possible questions the day is going to ask according to you. Suddenly the day, would have completely changed the possibility of questions u thought.  New syllabus..  Now wat to  do, new and unprepared questions to answer . 

Yesterday we wasted time in preparing for something which isn't coming today, today we are going through something which we haven't thought about..  

Life changes everyday nothing remains same.  If anything remains same is ur breath your hunger for food and drink.. 
Changes are prominently visible in everyday nd everyone's life but it becomes more prominent in a person who has just loosed his so called business nd  with it trust of many people. 

Yeah a person who had just lost his business now has nothing to do except eating nd wasting time.. 

Over night everything has changed the love of mother hasn't gone null but the feel of respect which has in his eye had gone. Authority which one had commanded has gone. Confidence is trembling and with it freely speaking capabilities has also gone. 

A job or money or business brings so many things love, pleasure, relaxation, freedom, selfdependency nd more over it bring respect.. 

A person not having job has to deal with all odds of these.

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