Wednesday, 19 November 2014

SHOPPING- The word is enough

Shopping.. Yeah friends shopping the favorite time pass of each and every human being (please stop saying its girls game, boys love doing it). Nowadays we earn to shop, we die to shop and we even breath to shop..

Earlier we shopped when we needed a thing, now we shop we we see availability of things. We buy it even if we don't require it. There was a saying buy a thing when its becomes a need not when its a want. Today we buy it even if we don't want it..

How such thinking has changed? What's reason behind these changes? Are these changes required or made to influence buyers to buy..( I think last line is most appropriate.)

A few years ago i asked a London based friends.. "what's you guys do on weekends"  he replied, we people of developed countries have a hobby.. Before he could utter a word i thought we Indians have a hobby follows with us everywhere. It doesn't matter it's weekends or weekdays..  Hobby is "GOSSIPING".

Before we forget, where we were let me feed you with his reply.. Its was SHOPPING.. I wasn't expecting this expression of my face was reflecting in tone. This is what American, Australian and other European countries hobbies is, simple and amazing word shopping..

Slowly and silently trends has shifting like it always has from West to East. Not only metropolitan Indian but all across Indian have completely driven in world of goods. After working 5 days we shop for 2 days. We work diehard to earn so that we can spend it in weekends. Not only we spend on goods which we buy from mall pantaloons, city centers, etcetera but sevices also restaurants(like pizza hut, dominos, McDonald's ), movies theaters (inox, imax)..

So here we are earning 5days spending 2 days. But friends should we go out for shopping on those 2 days which are holiday in our busy life. This outing is becoming difficult. Realizing this problem of human kind we got a gift of nature Now,  It has  created a space for themselves in our hearts more than in browser. Filpkart sells everything excepts human blood and condoms. Lens kart are out for our eyes. Some are busy in selling medicine online other even sell rather resell the products (olx).

These online making mangers realized human wants to get lazy,  as lazy as the water in pond. So going out for shopping has a needs a cut down. So they Made a great evolution,  which has been characteristics of our civilisation that we cut down on our labour.  (still sadness is there no remedies for labor pain, how they missed this. Someone might be experiment to get rid of these of also..)

How could have shopping got away from rule of evolution.  Online traders released going to mall involved effort and it happens only at weekends,  so long wait, as human we are not made to wait many will die in wait of shopping for 5 days.. So came a paradigm shift in shopping world. Leave malls and turn to  computer, lapies, or even cell phones browse the sites simply click and the things would be delivered to your door step..

Need become want nd want became habit. This habit has given rise to ONLINE SHOPPING. Filpkart lead this era of online shopping, atlest in
India. They won our trust by giving us offers of cash on delivery,huge varieties, replacement guarantees. They even came up with huge discounts. As they directly dealt with manufacturer, resulting in middlemen cries and customer merry.

Gradually our taste changes resulting in great flourishing of e-commerce thorough               e-shopping.  Now competition in e-shopping is also huge with advent of homshop 18, snap deal,  has also knocked on Indian doors. Filpkart is facing tough competition..

Huge Indian shoppers, shop daily million and billions of wealth is generated. The ultimate beneficiary are consumers.  Sooner or later might this era of E-shopping change and some thing new attracts attentions of this great HUMAN CIVILIZATION.. But Shopping will be constant.

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