Friday, 17 February 2017


There is nothing called the present. The moment you think about the  present it would have already become the past. Every information takes some time to reach us. It is due to the  space between a receiver of information and a sender of information. After it reaches the  brain, it processes it,It might be mili seconds or even smaller then it. But this also takes time.

So the moment which we refer to as present had already become the past due to the space and time between the object. Lets look at this example. When we see crackers being burst in the sky,  at first we see the  light. The Sound produced  reaches us after a few seconds
Does the sound which reaches our ears really exists or has it  already became the past. Sound was actually produced when the  cracker was bursted  when it reaches our ear it took time due to the space between the object. So we hear the sound after we have seen the light.

This proves that nothing is actually the  present time and everything we look at it  has already become the past. But if we don't stop,  think about  the time we used to work. We give all  our efforts by the unison of body, mind and soul. That would be the present. It means the moment i am writing or you are reading its  the present but even if  for a second you think about it, It becomes i was reading or i have written.

How can we remain in the present?

Only way to remain in present is by doing our work by the unison of our body mind and soul.
We should go in the extreme past  and collect information and use those in the present for the future benefits. Never get stuck in the past nor get blown away by thoughts of  the future. Thinking about both is not going to help. The moment you think about anything it would have already become the past. So what we got to do is concentrate on our work and focus on the present and think about the future.

Improve your quality constantly. 

The work which we are doing now is the present, if its going good then think how to improve it. Go in the past and get ideas of the good work that I have done and use  that to improve it in the future. Repeat the good good work you do again and again. Make those improvements.

Rectify mistakes constantly

If it goes bad go in the past to collect information and find out what mistakes we had made and get ideas of what  is not to be done. After getting those ideas don't repeat it in the future. Automatically you will find a way in which you won't be making mistakes.

So what is to done while working? 

Just work, do nothing else and after the work is done think to yourself about it. Or go in the past to collect information and use that information for benefits of the future..


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  1. It's technically good.. But for me little more inspirational lines required...... Keep it up... Keep writing... πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘