Thursday, 26 January 2017


Lets start with a story..

A man was very sick.  In sickness, He wasn't eating anything. His wife was very concerned about it. She tried a lot to make her husband eat but wasn't successful.

After a while her husband sensed some smell. He said ,"something nice is cooked in house side by. If u can get me, i want to eat it". Wife was very happy to hear it.

The smell was  of cooked leaves of meethi. This smell of cooked food made a sick person hungry. The house where this food was cooked lived a couple. They were very poor financially, sick person wasn't aware about it. Sick person's Wife went to their neighbors house, knocked at door. Lady opened the door, sick person's wife explain her husband conditions and reason of her being in their house.

The lady said, " you can take it i don't have any problem but i want to say from where we got it. She said we got it from a grave. In a religion after burying dead body, they scatters  leaves of green vegies. We got that leaves. We were without food from three days. If still you want you can take it. We were hungry from 3 days. I don't have any problem if we don't eat for another day."

Sick person wife was shocked and without uttering word went away. She said full story to her husband. Husband uttered in disappointment, " its shame on us, a family was hungry besides us. They had no food from 3 days and we were not aware of it."

He took a decision and said,  " We have some money which we had saved to visit our God's pilgrimage place (here i don't want to mention particular religious or God) . Lets use that money, to buy household items for our neighbors." Wife agreed to husband.

Gradually Years passed they were unable to save any amount to fulfill there wish to visit their God's pilgrimage place. Without fulfillment of this wish husband died.

After death, when his soul was on its way to judgment place, he meet many other souls. They all were talking about visiting God's pilgrimage place. One said i went there 2 times, other said 5, someone said daily. He was sure he will ever get peace as he never  visit GOD'S place.


God gave preference to man who hasn't visited his place even one. This made everyone shocked even some were angry. In this anger one said i visited you daily. Build so many places where you are worshipped. Now, you are giving preference to a person who never did anything for you.

GOD explained , "He never went to my place. He never preached about me. But what he did was beyond all this. HE ENOUGH COMPASSION TO UNDERSTAND PAIN OF A PERSON. HE MADE SOMEONE'S LIFE EASY. HE SHARED. I gave him extra he gave it to a needy. He made his life extraordinary by giving food to hungry person".

I don't give you extra to eat a lot, i don't gave you extra to visit my places. I don't give you extra to ignore people's pain and put it on my name.

I gave you extra to help other. I gave you extra because i saw compassion and empathy in you. I had believe on you that you are capable of sharing. But what you thought, this sharing will leave less for you. I would have give you further i you would have shared. As you never knew i gave you extra for other, not for you.

You all ignored my lesson and followed me. I don't need followers i need leaders. Those  who can take initiative to help people. Share what i gave you. Share each and everything with others in your life. You broke my belief and now you want heaven.

Every human should have compassion. If you have any extra which is worth sharing. Share it without thinking. Share it within your limits but share. It might be food, money,  knowledge or thoughts.

This is my way of sharing, sharing thoughts through stories.
If you like this story share it among your friends, relatives and family. They might realize importance of sharing. 


Written by- KETAN BHARUKA 

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