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Lets try to understand life and opportunities from 0's (zero) and 1's (ones).
After taking a look of these numbers, first thought which comes to our mind is, they are binary number. Today i am going to explain something through these numbers which is much different from binary concept. This concept, if understood properly might change, the way you think about life..

Lets start with a question. Which one you think,  from these has higher value 0 or 1...
Now when i focus on numerical value,then the answer would definitely be 1. But when i say actual value the answer would be zero. How does this different took place and it effects our life. Let us discuss with some examples.

Firstly lets take one.. Lets me put 1 with another number what would be i getting in return. Eg 10 multiply by 1, 10 divided by 1 what we get.. We get the number itself. This is theory now let us take some practical examples..

A person with his value as 1 get in a company. What he will return to that company?  We know the value of 1 and what it returns, it will exactly return the same value or in other words add nothing to company's growth. It also means he is not giving company any better results expected of him. Does any company wants a person to be with them who doesn't have any add on value to company?

Don't you think a company hired a aspirant to increase the company's business rather then getting the same value? So in this condition the person whose value is one would be rejected as he doesn't prove to a different but becomes one of those who has no value for the company.

Now let start discuss about number zero.. If we multiple it, it make the whole value zero but if we divide zero with anything the result is infinite.. Zero never returns us same value whereas earlier  we saw 1  return us same value as earlier. This is enough to prove zero act as game changer or x-factor. Now lets use zero in practically way.

Many people doesn't realize this, they make there value 1 which is of no use ultimate gets rejected. 90% of people do this. From 100 only 10 person understand real value of themselves.  Only understanding of real value of ourselves will not land us on the doors of success, we need to put effort for it..

Here a person has two choice he starts inserting those zero(efforts)  on left side of a number, he goes on increasing the number of zeros (efforts) in left side. Does placing of zeros(effort) on left side will ever effect the overall number. He knows what is important and start give his best effort but does one mistake. He puts all his efforts in wrong direction ultimately gets no results. There were only 10 person in this group from 100 who understood real value. From this 10 person only one person understands the right direction in which efforts will give results. Other 9 person goes on placing zeros in left but that one person starts putting those zeros on right side.. After every zero(effort) in right direction the value  increase not by 1 or 2 times it increases by 10 time.. Every zero in right direction increase value of number by 10 times. He doesn't need to put 100 zeros, only 3 zeros will have him value 1000 times more then the previous one.

This is done by 1 person out of100. It means only 1 person from 100 get success, don't you think we know the name of those 1% success people. Each and every person who is at top of game of life is 1 out of those hundreds. We know some names of those person who are s passes these barriers..
1). Sachin Tendulkar
2). A. R. Rahman
3). Steve Jobs
4). Micheal jordan
5). Nelson Mandela &  many more with
6). You..

Don't you want your name to be written in this list.. Start finding zero, its hiding somewhere inside you..

How to get right directions in life and give our best efforts - this article is all about importance of these things.

Its important now  to know whether, the things on which we are working are correct for us or not and how to let us get ourselves give our best efforts...(stick to it for some time, if desire related to it strong then it is right) ... More to come in my next blog which is going to be about How to recognizing what's right and what's wrong..

If u find this article helpful make your friends, family and relatives read it. They also might find it helpful. Some problems of this life might get solved, so start sharing no only this article but everything what you find helpful..

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