Sunday, 8 January 2017

MOLESTATION :- A Revealing Story (PART - 2)

 Its now becoming a tradition to welcome new year with gifts of molestation & harassments. Every day in newspapers, TVs we go throw. When we come across such things, we change channels. We close our the newspapers. We never see cruelty in those. Rather ignore it. We wake up in morning unaware of the fact that night which ended has ended  happiness of many females. It has become sorrows of night for GODS most beautiful creations. 

 Some beast who end there desire of flesh. Night becomes a shelter to them, molestation and humiliation takes the shade of parties and occasions to fulfill there undesired passion. 
Females of non religions are spared, no one sees the religion. They only see flesh, to fulfill there desire, there none fill able stomachs. It’s not last they continue to harm thier dignity. Real shock strikes when peoples gather to make there eyes smooth, touch their soul, relish the right to be free and themselves become strained with the blood of this incident.

We enjoy it , we act as this has nothing to do with us. We don’t fight for those whom we don’t know. We only fight for our family. When someone teases our sister our blood boils as water on gas. We protest. We hit them break there bones even wanna kill them. Don’t we do it? 
Then why we don’t protest when we see someone teasing our friend sister, or any girls. Why our fear does takes over when we see such cases happening in front of us? 
We act as silent spectators when we see some helpless daughter of there fathers, sisters of brothers, brides of brooms,  even mother of small children are harassed. We don’t react as we wait for other to start.   As we are human we repent after everything is over & gone. Is this really human nature? 

We do something more than that’s, we change our direction.We speak of enpowering women’s and stopping crime against them. Do We ever stand to stop it.  Ever took a step against it.  We wait but what has this wait given us. It has given something, Cries of the girl which never leaves us. Repented which digs us into our own grave. This grave and repent will change a day to plight.

The beast or humans, whatever they may be,they don’t realize or ever think. 
 A Girl is princess of a father, Angel of mother, best friend of her brothers and sisters. You want to know what they do due to our disgraceful society.

They  would try her phone number,  time and time again in tension. Mother would be crying  because of not getting her sight for long. Might also be praying to god keep her safe. 
Brother of her, big one would be searching for her. Small one would have been playing but disturbed by the fact her beautiful sister is missing. A Sister of her would be consoling mother while crying. Her father won't be sharing emotions with others but would be cursing the fact, why he let her do job?  Why he let her go alone? So many moving emotions but does these beasts get hurt or even they are not aware of it. They are wasting whole life of her for few moments of there pleasure. They don’t hear her cry, her screams don’t touch their heart. 

These days no. of crimes against women’s are increasing . It happens mostly in those festive days. New years, Christmas, get together, parties, even in religion gatherings. You know what  I am wrong I happen nearly everyday, every night, at your every sight. We dont respect women at home our children learn from it. They don't respect them outside. Learn to respect women at home to teach them how to respect a women.  

If we don't start them respecting women.  It will only change the victim everyday, places also but something that doesn’t change is the crime.  For the sake of religious ceremonies and superstitions women are made to run naked. Our reaction: we smile hide our faces behind bars, tables, chairs like real bustards. Some real balls capture it on cell phone.
 This is respect of women in our society.  Gods has been very kind on all males. He has given us 2 hug useless hands, to hide our face.

When are we going to behave as humans? 
 We don’t accept them becoming sheep’s so, but we blame them becoming the wolves that loves fishes. 

 It’s the high time now. Give it a think. Now are now we going to see the faces of our sisters and mothers in every girl that is harassed? . 

Are we going to lead the fight, rather then being the mere spectator. Irrespective of thinking the no. of peoples are we going to react to all these. 

Believe me, a flint of fire can destroy whole forest. And Burn it. Then just think what a protest of person can do.  We are going to be this flint, we are going to react rather then just be mere thinker and repenting later.  We are not going to die many times before death like a coward covering our faces. The fault has not been in our stars it had been within us. There is no use of being a man until each girl can walk on road without fear in her eyes.
My view: - gay are those males who cant protect a woman and respect a women.
God has given us many opportunities to prove the worth of being a male. Be a male save humanity. We are not going to hide rather say “ITS ME OR NO ONE”. Remember we got to face the odds in our life’s, don’t let bravery die. We got to answer God on the day or reckoning.

 I am sorry to use some words that might hurt your feeling. By no means had I wanted to disrespect a women, I just want to be close to reality. Sometimes incidents are more vigorous then this line written above. It was to make peoples realize what a women go throw when such incidents happen and a boy go through when such incidents takes place in front of his eyes. 

  It also shows effects on a girl and her family. Last line to those boys by ketan bharuka would be….
So I request u stop it, I beg u, because, "its you or no one.."

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