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Lets start with a fiction..

A child dreams of becoming something very big, famous and rich. He had dreams, on which he believes. Thinks those would be true a day. But as time passes He starts learning words like.. Impossible, difficult, competition, pressure.. Dream becomes hazy with these words. It can also be said, As his mind dictionary grows his dreams becomes narrow.

The people around him start saying what they think is reality. Reality or rather there point of view towards the world.  Children learns everything which he observes. He too perceiving the world from those persons eyes. Those other person who gave up on their dreams say, "its impossible, nothing can't happen '. He starts believe their reality which is.." its impossible, nothing can happen. He gives up on his dreams.

Think for a moment who is this child. This child with lots of dreams but when grows up is without dreams.

Who is this child? 
Each one of us has been thought this emotions. Each one of us has felt this rejection then gave up..  Everyone wanted to be successful, rich and worth when they were small but as grown-ups they start believe people around them and becomes a quitter.
There has to be something wrong with our surrounding.

What is our surrounding doing with us?
Our surrounding is making us believe by saying, "The way in which  you think is impossible to live or be, we have been living in this environment. We have been living in this salary. We haven't achieve it till now. Who on the earth are you to achieve it. If we the society have not been able to achieve it you too will fail so why worth even trying.."
We loss here, we give up, we stop, we surrender,we accept and we become what they wanted us to become rather then what we wanted become.
The negative powers of society takes over us.

How does this negativity effects us?
We all share our thoughts with our friends, family and relatives. When we say  to them like, "i wan to buy a big house, i wan to be the vice president of this company, i want to achieve something big...
Our friends and relatives will think we are joking. And if at all they believe you they will say, " poor guy, you should have learned something from surrounding".

Now repeat this same with President of your company, he will not laugh. He knows this can be achieved. BIG MEN DON'T LAUGH AT BIGGER IDEAS. PERSON LAUGHING HE HIMSELF HAS NOT ACHIEVED IT, SO HE THINGS NO ONE ELSE WOULD BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE. This makes him laugh. These people are negative people with negative attitude and negativity. They are those negators who can snatch you dream from you. They have power to put you from a gold mine to a coal mine.

Its not easy to be around negative people they will make you think something.  These people are master of destructive thinking. So next time when we you meet negators just reverse there think.

Look at this eg,  very simple one, a glass of filled water till half of it length. A person gifted with extreme negative attitude will only see empty portion and will be able to convince everyone with full conviction that glass itself is of no use as it is half empty. Simply, i mean totally negate the portion which is filled. Make you see that in some time you will also believe him and accept this fact.. Use less glass.. But its half filled and remember two half filled glasses makes a full glass of water.

On daily basis we come across to these stuffs of society. They will conditions you in there thoughts. Here you need change the environment .

1) REVERSE WHAT THEY SAY - This will make you look at not empty but filled portion..
So if you actually give it a deep look somewhere those negative person shows us the right way or motivate you. They don't show you, "what to see" but at least they say, "what not to see".

2) YOU CAN ONLY GET EFFECTED IF YOU ARE IN DOUBTS - Now again we come to same place how much positive are you , if you are positive you will take positive thoughts even from those exceptionally determined negative person and wont allow them to effect you in any negative way to demotivate you. You might also manage to make them see positive side of what you doing. Here clarity of whatever you are doing is important. If you are clear no one can stop you. So, POWER LIES IN YOU HAND.

3) ASK QUESTIONS To NEGATORS-  You should start asking questions to those negative people. Why?.. If anyone says its not going to happen, ask them..
Believe me 90% of people will have no answer. This time they WILL BE QUITTING  after your question.. Next time, do ask them.
Now coming to Rest 10%. They will give you answer listen to them carefully. They will say you  problem, which you might face. They will guide you. But remember listen to them VERY CAREFULLY.

4) BE A DEAF -  This is most difficult one of all. But if you are highly inspired to reach you dreams, this is possible. You won't be able hear anyone. Try to give it a practice for some day after it, words of other won't effect path of your success..

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