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MOLESTATION :- A Revealing Story (PART - 1)

I have  always been confused how to wish someone on their birthday. I have been doing it rather badly through ages.

  Today also, nothing has changed.  It is  birthday of, our boss. I don’t like to wish anyone, but this time i did it. Neither I go to any birthday parties, but today i am going to do so.  
I thought to get some gift.I was confused in selection. A voice came to help me in the tough job of selecting  gift, but failed miserably and made it more difficult by giving his foolish ideas. “Ketan should we buy cake, the chocolate one, everyone likes it” said Vishal.  Vishal a colleague of mine.

 I said “They call us at birthday parties and ask, Have you got cakes as a present so that we can cut it to celebrate. What nonsense stuffs you say man, as they don’t have cakes in birthday parties, they have it. So why waste money on it.”

After a long discussion which looked like hours,  we settled on  perfume. Which was our first choice and our final one. Why did we wasted time on thinking. I think Men will be men especially when it comes to impressing boss.

 We both sat on bike.  Vishal had eaten half of my brain in gift parlor and  continues to do so,  on bike. Speaking Sincerity , the seriousness of irritation was so much,  I thought he was paid to do it.

We reached the destination. But, I was still in doubt whether to go inside or leave. Though my luck left me and i was in the party. Vishal pulled me inside, as if, it was his birthday rather then someone else's. 

I saw a mirror on way. Consoling myself on looks i entered the garden area where the was about to take party. Whole garden was decorated with lights, cut outs and had lots of food stalls.

Vishal left me as soon as he saw other colleagues and ran with enthusiasm to meet them. I also jointed. Greeted Gopal Singhania our dear, loveable boss (don't go on word).  Then decided to take a corner sit against a wall. I had soft drinks in my hand.  Something was fishy. They all were taking about a beauty. I could also see her, though I was far.

   PART 1
I had thought of stopping but I became  part.  Never thought that one night of pleasure could end a beauty and deprive the word of such a excellent creation. The excitement, accompanied with the force turned youth into a beast.

This is what happened in the night of the birthday party of our boss, we gathered, we all were normal human beings. Untill that moments arrived which charged our bodies. We all became that we never dreamed of i.e. a beast of flesh and beauty.

  All was going very well till the tables were set and that innocent beauty was made to sit in front of us. Standing meters away, or shall I say whiskers away. I was so indulged in her beauty which made space between us out of thoughts. Her curved body, her golden hair, her blue round eyes spoke a pacified everyone. It had some effects on my body; the layer of her beauty was untouched. I was feeling her virginity. The sweatness of her felt like smells of vanilla essence, it was watering mouths of my colleagues especially, the boss. 

 I could see, some were going near her to get those fragrance of perfume . She felt so fresh, as if she was new to this world, seeing her hearth, waves ran around. I could bet on she was the most prettiest. She was dressed in the best way possible. Everything she was wearing made her more beautiful. The red veil of her which was kissing her hearth. She didn’t knew, it’s a crime to be beautiful when boys like beast are around. 

Who knew she would become a prey. She was going to be punished for being beautiful. I was shell shock, thinking can she survive even for few min in this hell where men were dyeing to have pleasure.

I still remembered it was around nine the lights went off. It was now time for beast to attack her.
One of the beast took some steps towards her with fast breaths and heart beats. His intention was quite clear, he wanted to engulf her and feel the pleasure. Passion level roused. Every eye was glittered with intensity, though I closed mine. I was very afraid for her but could not speak for her. The beast reached her. I was glaring at boss. He was enjoying all these.

 The beast put the barricade around her, so that she was confined to a specific place, she was afraid.  Before anything could strike me she was surrounded by all in a round circle. She was alone facing all. I was standing besides the table looking to her. 

Boss the was first one to take advantage of her; the stripped the red vile from her attire, all was enjoying. I was still standing near table cant hold my breath I was thinking of yawing but I moved a little back in fear. I could not bear but have to bear all these as l lost all power to stop them. Her shriek or yell wasn’t heard. She was screaming but they went on with there job of making her silent forever. Yeah she was made silent by placing a knife over her.
Next what happened is indescribable, inexpressible, and unbearable. Attires of her were removed by knife not before the moment reach which was enough to make eyes pop out of shocket.

Her body was an art. An art, which was on verge of end. I was still looking from backyards. Some times hiding my face, closing my eyes, turning away. Everyone Enjoys romantic relationship, but like this only a beast can, not a human.

Did anyone bothers no, no one did. I wanted to protest, it was raising high on my mind. Some bravery came from behind and hugged me but my i was coward deep underneath . I stopped in mid way to protest it as they were 7 and I alone. So I decided to take a view, without interrupting there pleasure fill moments. 

Her beautiful body was hitting me, a beast just then sided his hand on her soft curves. He was cutting the slices of  her dignity & a relishing it, he motivated others even to do same. Even bit to me also but I controlled it. Few moments later her body was flying in air, some throwing her, some kissing her others leaved marks on her face and body. Oh! This cruelty I never felt so helpless, I was feeling pathetic but yet suppressed.

I was still thinking of her blue eyes and red lines; I saw her innocence, modesty and simplicity in those eyes. But now those were full of grief yet no one saw it. They were busy watching something else. She pleaded but those were never heard as she was brushed on face of new beast every second. She was beautiful so all wanted her, rubbing down on the bodies, forcing over lips of every beast present over there, “I was exception as I am a human” I said. But am I seriously a human or a beast.

They played with her beauty, with her modesty, ended her virginity and still on way of destroying her. Yet no one complained. How cheap peoples are. Then I realized I myself didn’t complained rather decided to be silent spectator.

The conflicts continued this time it was with no one else but with my inner self. How could I have protested “when everyone there was the part of the injustice”. But I had to survive, I had no option. So I gave all thoughts of fight inside me. 

One of those beast, vishal came to me. I moved back a little, but he forced me. This time it on her. At last forgetting everything what was going in my mind moments ago. I held her high hi-fied all & bidden my first kiss on her which turn out to be the final of many series kisses. 

I was astonished as moments ago she was here  in front of me but now what lefts behind its dreams of her. I will have dreams of her entire life as such creations are not made every day. She took her last breath in my hands; with my kiss she was silent for ever. 

There was not a single shriek of regret rather joyous applauses. Not a single trace of her cream body could be located anywhere. She was in silent of death mixing with the voice of satisfaction. I broke down tears rolled from both eyes, dreaming of tears in beautiful bullish eyes of her. Those tears would never forgive me for it.  This feeling made me to submerged my face in hand , hide my feelings due to rage of these mobs, I too became part of dignity slicing. Many of us standing besides the table would have felt shame. We all waited for others to start. 

 I was blown away by thought if I have dared other would have helped surly. I could not gather courage to be the leader. If I would have done so I would have save the beauty. My fear got better of mine and I loosed her forever. I realized none other like her would be created ever, she was my queen. I might have got her if I would have managed to save her virginity, dignity, modesty. When everybody was rubbing her on gopal’s so called ugly face, then on there lips and bodies. I just watched end of the beauty by a night’s pleasure. The beautiful gorgeous shiny creamy soft birthday cake was finished as I watched.

 U read it right. U can read it again if u wants. It was a cake which I was taking about. This time I was taking about a birthday cake, which acts as a replica of many incidents in present world. How many times such incidents happen in reality in our daily life?

MOLESTATION :- A Revealing Story (PART - 2) 

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